Nana, Lee Jong Suk’s twin :)

this girl next door to me is a fucking weeaboo…. she has anime body pillows and 5 billion posters in her room….. i dont think i can go 5 mins w/o her mentioning anime w me and i don’t even fuckin watch anime….. she told me she was gonna watch anime tonight and now she’s screaming & banging on things and i’m concerned that she’s having sex w one of her anime body pillows

today i discovered my calling in life: to be a college professor

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The Europeans are not yet willing to acknowledge that the world did not wait in darkness for them to bring the light, and that the history of Africa was already old when Europe was born.
John Henrik Clarke, “Education for a New Reality in the African World” (1994)

Just some really basic information about WINNER for new Incles.

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how do you let your anger out?

i flip tables!!! but no hmm i’m the type to keep my emotions bottled in and let my anger stress me out and make me sick and just accumulate… not very healthy… i’m not good w being angry…. :///