"with one glance of mine, girls fall at my feet"


[OFFICIAL] 비아이지 (B.I.G)- 준비돘나요 (Are You Ready?) MV

me: sitting quietly reading doing nothing while my friend doesn’t stfu
friend: ok i need to write this article and you have to stop distracting me IT’S EXTREME
me: *side eyes until next year*



this woman is a devout christian…

Omfg minzy bitch!!! Twerk in the name of the father,son, and holy ghost fiyah!!!

how has bts (namjoon) fucked up in the past like 2 months i needa know so my love can be true


Fernanda @ Priscilla’s for PITCH

Styling - Judy Lee

Hair - Kyye Reed

Makeup - Samantha Lee

namjoon’s perfection in b&w